Charlee Makes a New Friend (paperback)



To animal (and especially dog) lovers everywhere:

If you read about Charlee in her first two books, “Charlee’s Brave Dog Hamburger” and “Charlee’s Pink Fur Coat,” you know Charlee is a funny, intelligent, and energetic mix of two dog breeds – Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Sealyham Terrier – and is a little girl with a beard.

But did you know Charlee loves making friends? She really does! It’s just sometimes Charlee doesn’t realize that barking loudly and chasing after the ones you like may not be the best way to win their affection. Instead, barking can make potential friends run from you … and even be afraid.

That’s the scenario for “Charlee Makes a New Friend,” the third book in the Charlee’s Tales book series. Charlee finds herself in a situation where she must decide to do what is best – even if it’s not what she imagined at first. And Charlee’s mother lovingly helps Charlee make the right decision without extinguishing Charlee’s zeal.

Join Charlee as she learns yet another valuable lesson – this time about how to make friends instead of foes.


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