Charlee’s Brave Dog Hamburger + Charlee’s Pink Fur Coat (both hard covers) + Both Coloring Books + Charlee’s Tales Plush



In this bundle you’ll get both of Charlee’s hardcover books plus Both of Charlee’s Coloring Books, and the Charlee Plush Toy!

In her book debut, “Charlee’s Brave Dog Hamburger,” Charlee learns a valuable lesson about what not to do when being taunted and somewhat bullied by the dreaded neighbor Chihuahuas. As Charlee learns, retaliation only exacerbates the issue, and sometimes we get a wounded dewclaw in the process. In the end, however, we make the right choice (after already getting a hamburger treat), and enjoy the limelight for our bravery.

If you read about Charlee in her book debut, “Charlee’s Brave Dog Hamburger,” then you already know that Charlee is a funny, intelligent, and energetic mix of two dog breeds – Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Sealyham Terrier – and is a little girl with a beard.

Charlee has an exceptional bond with her mother, who provides loving care and guidance without extinguishing Charlee’s imagination and energy. Unfortunately, Charlee’s busy mom cannot always be with Charlee, and sometimes Charlee’s dad is left in charge.

That’s the scenario for Charlee’s second book, “Charlee’s Pink Fur Coat.” Charlee sets out for a walk with her dad one morning and gets a surprise. Embarassed at first, her quick-thinking mom helps Charlee embrace a new look and even consider becoming a canine fashionista. Join Charlee as she learns yet another lesson – this time about her self-image.

If you love Charlee’s Brave Dog Hamburger, you will love being able to color your own version of Charlee’s fun tale and have fun coloring Charlee’s neon pink bandage too!

Snuggle with plush Charlee, complete with furry beard and large, curly tail. She comes in a cloth bag and welcomes you as her new friend! A soft plush toy with Charlee’s big, fluffy tail pairs perfectly with Charlee’s Tales books and coloring books! Your kids will love Charlee! Includes the cloth bag.


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